Frequently Asked Questions

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Can't say I'm surprised, since this is my first FAQ. Shoot me a note and I'll be grateful for your help!

- Emily Mullen



What is Written Paper Goods?

A line of greeting cards and gifts featuring authentic sentiments and unique hand lettering.

Where is Written Paper Goods based?

WPG is based in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.

Who makes this stuff?

Emily Mullen is the founder, writer, and artist behind Written Paper Goods.

Emily designs every detail, whether it's a card, print, mug, etc. 
They are first handwritten, then manipulated digitally, then printed by a small printing company in California, and packaged up in Ohio—again, by Emily—before they're shipped off to you, with love. 

Where can I buy Written Paper Goods?

WPG is currently available at and at events around Columbus, Ohio. To stay up to date on upcoming events, subscribe to the newsletter and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

How can I get written paper goods in my shop?

Emily would love to get to know you and your shop! Just shoot an email to to get the wholesale conversation started. 

What is #puttingtheGOODinWrittenPaperGoods?

Emily is committed to building a business that reflects her personal values; for example, all cards are printed on 100% PCW recycled card stock. The above hashtag refers to the cards that are designed with charitable giving in mind. For every purchase of one of these cards, Emily donates 50% of the profits to a specific non-profit organization. 

Here is the current list of cards that are #puttingtheGOODinWrittenPaperGoods:

Please Never Stop Believing - 50% of profits donated to the ACLU

Be Empowered - 50% of profits donated to the Peace Corps