In some ways, I feel that designing greeting cards and wall prints is the perfect writing exercise. It forces me to really dig in and find the perfect words for an occasion, the exact phrasing to capture the sentiment I’m trying to express, in as few words as possible. It’s extremely satisfying when I feel I’ve gotten it right. (Can you tell that I used to be a writer and editor?)

But despite being a total introvert and word nerd, I've been surprised to discover a facet of this business that's possibly even more satisfying....

I love having conversations with customers about my cards and prints: finding out why a card resonates, who they’ll send it to, where they’ll hang a print in their home or office. And I love telling them the backstories behind each one: the relationships that inspired them, the drafts I trashed, the rationale behind design elements and word choices, and explaining my artistic process. There is nothing more fulfilling for me than these conversations.

I wish I could have these conversations with all of my customers, but the fact is, most of my sales are via my Etsy shop. And no matter how friendly my order confirmation emails are, they aren’t ever going to inspire the same level of connection that comes from hanging out at a market* together. 

So let’s try something new: an Instagram hashtag where we can share our stories. At #Writtenbecause I’ll be sharing those little backstories — the inspiration, the design process, the personal significance. It seems like these Instagram posts are among my most popular, and now you’ll be seeing even more of them. 

The thing I’m most excited about, though, is to see you share your stories and photos — I’d love to see where my cards and prints end up after I send them out into the world!

I’d love to know: what’s your #Writtenbecause? Maybe that Golden Girls card is perfect because your best friend is a total Dorothy, or that Do the Damn Thing print is hanging above your desk to keep you on track as you finish your thesis, or you gifted the Please Never Stop Believing card to your friend who works long hours for a non-profit. 

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I’m so excited about this that I’m going to be picking out some favorites to repost on my account — if I choose to repost yours, I’ll DM you with a coupon code as a token of my appreciation. 

Thanks so much for reading — this is all #Writtenbecause of you :)


*Speaking of markets… I’ll be at the Sunlight Market on Gay St. from 11-4 this Sunday, October 22nd! Come say hi -- it’s going to be a GORGEOUS fall day, perfect for brunch and exploring downtown. Plus, free street parking on Sundays ;)