Today is day 3 of The 100 Day Project. If you don’t know what it is, click here to read up, but basically: people all over the world are doing something specific and creative every day for 100 days, and posting about it to Instagram to share their progress and keep each other accountable. It is awesome, and I reeeally wanted to join in. 

Here are the reasons I wanted to:
- I loved the do-something-daily aspect of my #empoweredWritten project. 
- I struggle with discipline, and this seems like a fantastic way to force myself to get shit done. 
- I would love to grow my following on Instagram, and taking part in this project would surely drum up interest and help me reach people I otherwise wouldn’t. 
- I came up with a fun idea AND a great hashtag. Like, really, really good. (No, I won’t tell you what it is, you sneaky thief.)
- FOMO. 

Here are the reasons I decided not to:
- I literally just finished a do-something-daily challenge of my own making. 
- I’m still working on wrapping up the #empoweredWritten project - only 10 cards to go!
- My project was only 28 days long (er, plus all this catch-up card-writing time) but it took so much time away from my other work that it really set me back in my other business goals and creative pursuits. I can’t afford another distraction right now, because…
- I’ve set myself the ambitious (but achievable! I hope!) goal of readying myself to approach retailers and begin selling wholesale starting May 10th. 

This is a big, exciting, nerve-wracking new chapter for my business that I have been putting off, both intentionally (by dedicating my time to #empoweredWritten) and subconsciously (by, uh, not doing it), for months. I’m particularly anxious about the inevitable rejection part. Logically, I understand that my cards won’t be for everyone; in fact, I don’t want them to be, because that would mean they were hella boring. But it’s still going to be pretty disheartening to be told “no.” So, I’m trying to just put that out of my mind and stay focused on my to do list.* 

I’ve got a lot to do in the 34 days until deadline, and I have a lot of anxiety around this new milestone. These are just two of the dumb-but-persuasive excuses I have given myself for putting this off "one more time."

So instead, I’m telling you all. I’m asking you to hold me accountable. I’m asking you for all the good vibes you can muster. I’m asking you to help remind me that I’m sitting on the sidelines for this year’s #100dayproject specifically so that I can kick ass for the next 34 days and take my business to the next level. 

Thanks, all. 


*Curious what exactly I need to do, to get ready for wholesaling? Here are the big bullet items on my to do list: 
- design, print, photograph and list about 10 new cards to my Etsy shop, to round out my product line; 
- upgrade my product photography (i.e. re-shoot all my cards);
- come up with my list of preferred shops; 
- devise my sales pitch/strategy; 
- create a line sheet.
Um, also, if you’re reading this and you think there are other big things I should do, can you let me know? Thanks, you’re the best. 

As you can see from the month of radio silence since my last post, I don’t have a publishing schedule for this blog — and I don't have a clear creative vision for it, either. So let me know if there are things you’re curious about! I’d love your input on what kind of writing would bring you back to my little corner of the internet.