Let's Start with Love

Hello! My name's Emily, and I'm so glad you're here. 

I founded Written Paper Goods ten months ago, but am only now starting my blog. Why? Well, before I started this company, I was a writer and editor at an online magazine — and when I left that position to devote more time to my own business, I needed a break from writing.

Lately, though, I've been feeling like it's time. Time to write more words than would be reasonable on a greeting card. 

But I couldn't quite grasp an angle — an idea for how to approach blogging that would actually be valuable and interesting to readers. 

And then... the world became a scarier place, and I was inspired to start designing cards that weren't just sweet, or sassy, or clever, or pretty — but cards that could also make real change in the world. I started #puttingtheGOODinWrittenPaperGoods. 

What does that mean exactly? In the case of the HRC quote card below, I donate 50% of the profits from every sale to the ACLU.

(Quote from Hillary Clinton's 11/9/16 concession speech)

(Quote from Hillary Clinton's 11/9/16 concession speech)

And I have been BLOWN AWAY by the response. It's been amazing sending them off to people all over the country — just last week I sent several to Arkansas. (And my card was featured in a Galentine's Day card roundup on Bustle!) 

I recently designed a new card that's #puttingtheGOODinWrittenPaperGoods — again with an inspiring quote by a strong woman, and again I specifically designed them at a size that can easily be framed, so people could be motivated by the message every day.  

So imagine my disappointment and frustration when I realized that this card I loved so much, featuring incredibly inspirational words from former First Lady Michelle Obama, was ever so slightly cut off by the frame — and therefore not something I could sell in good conscience. 

See how the "D" in EMPOWERED is cut off? So frustrating. 

I couldn't sell them, but I also couldn't bring myself to just toss them in the recycling bin. This was weighing heavily on my mind as I went to sleep last night — I felt that there had to be something meaningful I could do with them. 

This morning, I woke up bursting with inspiration. I grabbed my journal, poured a mug of green tea, and now, ~15 hours later, I'm on the verge of hitting publish on my first blog post on a website that didn't exist yesterday and launching a passion project that came to me in the night as I slept. 

Introducing #empoweredWritten

Every day of February 2017, I will send one of these cards to a woman who has supported, inspired, or in some way empowered me to become the entrepreneur that I am today.

Every day this month I will take the time to express my gratitude to an important figure in my life — whether it's my mom, a previous boss, a member of Columbus' incredible creative community, or Leslie Kno- er, Amy Poehler herself.  

(Yes, I really am going to write a card to the noble land mermaid who brought Galentine's Day to us mere mortals.)

Every day in February I will send out a brazen, vulnerable, honest expression of love and gratitude. 

And every day in February, you are invited to follow along on this crazy Galentine-a-day adventure, whether it's here on my lil blog, or on the @WrittenPaperGoods Instagram. 

Keep an eye on your mailbox, Galentines. 


p.s. In case you're curious, 50% of the profits from the Michelle Obama card will* be donated to the Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn fund

*I'm redesigning this card to actually fit 5x7 frames and will offer it in my Etsy shop as soon as possible!