Sarah Harste #empoweredWritten

The night that I first met Sarah Harste was an auspicious one. I was at Wild Goose Creative for my first ever networking event, and surprised to find that I was actually enjoying myself, and making meaningful connections with people I admired. I was filled with that particular joy that comes from moments that reaffirm your faith that people are good and kind and interesting. And then I was introduced to Sarah, and my night was officially over-the-top fantastic. 

Sarah rocked a red lip and over-sized frames so hard, Jenna Lyons should have been lurking in the shadows taking notes. And yet I wasn’t intimidated, because it was immediately evident that I was in the presence of someone who was genuinely friendly, open and kind. We had friend-chemistry like whoa, and before I knew it, 20 minutes had passed and we were two of the only people left in the place. We swapped numbers, hugged goodbye, and I did my best not to skip to my car (though I may have sent my sister a giddy snapchat). 

When I looked Sarah up on Instagram the next day, I was stunned by her unique, sculptural weavings. I instantly fell in love with the way she played with texture and color, and her feed remains one of my very favorites. I’m always inspired by the beauty of her weavings, the thoughtfulness of her captions, and the way she’s grown her business in the short time we’ve known each other. A few months back, I had the pleasure of spending an evening with a group of Creative Babes, creating my own weaving under Sarah’s tutelage. I’m absurdly proud of the finished product, and it hangs now above my desk, like an emblem of the beauty that can come from female friendship and creative community.

When I arrived at Wild Goose Creative that night, I had no idea what I was walking into. At the time, I thought I was at a disadvantage because I had never been to a networking event, or even been to that space before. But looking back, I am so grateful that I went into it with an open mind and no expectations. If I had gone into it hellbent on building strategic business relationships, I never would have bothered to talk to the guy handing out beers, or the photographer on the discussion panel, or a textile artist. But instead, I (somewhat haplessly) followed the flow of the evening and formed genuine connections with people who have inspired and supported me in ways I never could have foreseen.