Lindsay MacDougall #empoweredWritten

Alright, I’m just going to go ahead and say it, so we can get this awkwardness out of the way: I’ve got a total “girl crush” on Lindsay. 

At the height of our relationship, I think the most generous description would’ve been “we have some friends in common,” or maybe “we’re both English majors,” or “Lindsay’s my coach.” (When I was 18 I forgot that I don’t have a single team sports-oriented bone in my body and joined the Ultimate Frisbee team. Lindsay was the coach of Betty Gone Wild — and yes, that is the best team name you’ve ever heard. I lasted maybe 6 weeks, tops, before remembering that my favorite sport is walking alone.)

So, this is probably the point where you’re wondering why I just admitted my girl crush publicly. First of all, you might want to back up and read my first #empoweredWritten post — emotional vulnerability is the name of the game. Secondly, I have no doubt in my mind that, even though Lindsay and I are acquaintances who haven’t even seen each other in person in close to a decade, she will receive this post with love, gratitude, and positivity. 

That’s pretty incredible, right? But that’s who Lindsay is: a beam of light. 

When I was a sophomore in college, and Lindsay a senior, I went to a party and somehow found myself in a corner of the room, talking with Lindsay about her thesis research. From what I could gather through the encroaching clouds of alcohol and social anxiety, she was writing about feminine power, and the symbolism of motherhood in literature. The way she spoke so passionately about her work, and so confidently about the importance of literary representations of women, stuck with me even when the details faded away. (In fact, two years later I’d find myself working on my own thesis, with the same advisor, about the way women in literature explore self-expression through their diaries.)

As the years have passed, I’ve followed Lindsay’s adventures on Facebook, because she writes freely about her journey and shares both the highs and the lows as she pursues her goals. As you may have gathered, authenticity and openness are two of the qualities most important to me, both in relationships and in my work. Lindsay’s willingness to be such an open book is something I’ve really admired. 

It’s also just been fascinating to follow her journey of becoming an acupuncturist and healer. I don’t know much about either of those callings (apart from what I’ve learned from low-key FB-stalking her…), but I am continually inspired by Lindsay’s determination to carve her own path on her own terms. 

So thank you, Lindsay. You have continually inspired me to strive to be a force of light and love, through my writing, through my work, and in the way I carry myself through life. 

p.s. Remember when I called Lindsay a beam of light?!